broom is a design studio lead by Takumu Imoto and Ryosuke Sakamoto.


Through product planning and development to promotional activities using 2D media and 3D spaces, broom is ready to take on any branding projects creatively to bring out new values and potential along with clients.  


The studio takes on a wide range of projects that are related to design, such as graphics, products and interiors, and includes other creative applications such as planning and strategic brand management. By converging such extensive knowledge into multilateral perspectives throughout each project, the studio develops innovative and logical approaches.




“Paper Joint Basket” is a basket made from layers of papers. It is a versatile product and can be used for many occasions. You may put some bread or fruit in it for your table or use it to store small household goods or candies.  


Using a method called “tengo” to paste four pieces of papers, enough durability has been achieved to allow use within the home. Moreover, by thickning the surfaces, a unique texture was achieved that resembles the surfaces of molded products unlike something typically made of paper. 


Deep and subtle yet refreshing colored papers were selected after consideration of what would blend and absorb into the home.