Established in 2017, the name of the company TANT means abundant in the local area of Japan.  


This creative office that takes on a wide range of projects was established by a product designer and a graphic designer in hopes of create an abundance and variety of products adored by many. Moreover, the design unit closely observes the events that are created by the encounter of products and individuals, and apply their expertise to provide people with joy and happiness through design.  


TANT inc. launched a jewelry collection ikue in 2016 and their prestigious work received the highest ranking award at Tokyo Business Design Award.






IKUE is a jewelry collection that was created in a process that uses a traditional method to apply gold leaf during the binding of literature similar to what is commonly seen on the Holy Bible.  


The impression exhibited in the layers of papers fringed with gold convey the deep passion and devotion to carry on tradition. The ikue jewelry that may at first appear to be made of bulky metal only in actuality weighs 5g and reduces the burden of heaviness when wearing.  In addition, the surface created by the layered papers and gold leaf catches the light as if blinking and exhibits endless expressions.


It is a collection that surprises people upon encountering it because of its lightweight and luster.